Online course Dialux EVO 9.2 – Basic



Throughout this course you learn how to work with Dialux EVO a software program which is being used for lighting calculations. After completing this course, you can use the program and handle projects from start to finish. We will cover topics like importing files from other (CAD) software, show you how to build optimal visualizations and learn producing high-quality reports.


Why this course?

Within the lighting design process there are many situations when there is a need to provide insights about the intended end results. By expanding your knowledge of the EVO you will be able to show a better motivated proposal. With this software you can present your ideas to your client both the technical part as well the aesthetically aspects of your design. With a thorough knowledge of the software you will enhance your professional appearance towards your client and your commercial opportunities will grow.




- user interface

- settings

- drawing a space

- CAD import

- cases interior and exterior

- using objects

- selecting luminaries

- applying light sources

- lighting calculations from A to Z

- working with colours

- how to apply to norms and regulations

- light scenes

- materials and textures

- setting up client reports

- tips and more



- lessons online

- ask questions through email

- feedback on homework

- certificate after completion



-€ 195,- (VAT excluded)






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